Before You

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Hi everyone! I'm Daphne Michelle, a worship leader, and singer-songwriter currently residing in Nashville, TN. I wrote this song as a testimony to how spiritually dark and lonely my life was before I fully surrendered to God and His love, and stopped searching for love from the world. This song is for those who remember what life was like before Christ and for those who are still finding their way back. -- Ch: I never knew the sky could be so blue | I never knew before I met you | I've never seen the sun shine so brightly | I never knew what love was before you V1: I remember when there was a time when I thought pain was all there was | All the tears and all the sorrow brought on from this world had me far gone | And I really didn’t know how to bear with the stresses of my life | So I lift my head and turn to the one who’s love will never die Br: When I think of your goodness, I can’t help but feel happy | Because of all of your forgiveness, my soul has been set free | You’re so loving, you love me better than I love myself