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Rain fire is about turning your fear and anxiety, from living in this broken world, over to the cross and letting Jesus fight your battles. My name is Sydney Rose Wray. I am a 15 year old homeschool singer/songwriter that lives in the heart of North Carolina. I am strongly influenced by country music, pop, indie folk, and contemporary christian music. Writing has always come naturally but teaching myself the guitar has allowed me to set my words to music. Outside of writing my own songs, I am actively engaged in my church as a youth group leader and as a praise band leader for the youth praise band. I am also the co-owner of a princess character entertainment company where I perform at birthday celebrations and Make-a-Wish reveal events. When I am not writing, singing or performing, I enjoy participating in a variety of sports including swimming, soccer, volleyball and horseback riding. RAIN FIRE [LYRICS] (C) 2019 Sydney Rose Wray VERSE 1 The darkness comes fast to fright the night sneaks in and starts a fire my over-thinking threatens to take me under 'cuz it's done it before I forgot to look up so it took me down but not anymore CHORUS Jesus fill me up fill my cup come down rain fire on my fears now they want me to burn want me to hurt but your way is higher so rain fire VERSE 2 black sets in and hides the stars anxiety comes to rob your joy there ain't no clearing in the woods for you to rest from running only peace you find is when you lay it down BRIDGE They won't keep me down you're holding me up Jesus