Pursuit of You

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Hey! My name is Mariah Van Tress and I am 24 years old from Loveland, Colorado. I wrote this song a few months ago while working as a worship intern in Northern Ireland. The Lord has really been teaching me about my purpose as a child of God and what it means to pursue Him with everything I am. This is something I wrote during a season where He was really pressing this into my heart. There is only the second verse on in this video since I couldn't fit the whole thing in the time limit, but I hope you get the gist! I've posted the lyrics below. Thank you for watching!! V1: I want to be wrapped up in You covered in Your perfect presence in everything I do to recognize You in each day to experience Your goodness in every way I can PC: I'll soak You up drink You in I will never get enough never get enough CHORUS: You are the center of my being the very reason I am breathing to bring You glory to bring You glory to live my life as worship and magnify Your goodness to bring You glory bring You glory My King V2: (Video begins here) I open my heart up to you every crevice, please inhabit I'm Yours I only want to go where You go If Your not in it, just forget it without You I'm lost PC: My purpose is pursuit of You I will never get enough never get enough CHORUS BRIDGE: Hallelujah, Hallelujah from the depths of my soul I will sing (x4) CHORUS