I call you Home

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This song was born a few months ago as I was thinking about the journey we take in the pursuit of significance and our dreams; It is so easy to get lost and in that process and with that loose our rest and our hope. I believe that God is calling us back to a place of rest which ultimately is not a place but a person, the person of Jesus! He is our peace, He is our rest, He is our home. I hope this song blesses you today! Song: I call you home (by Leandro Reis) It is so easy to be lost in this road Chasing the future and not know where to go but when I hear your voice The sweet calling of Love There is no place that I rather be I call you home God you are my home I find my peace (rest) When I am here with you If life is a journey let me journey with you the trails of mercy where the old become new in these streams of love I find I am yours you are mine and there is no place that I rather be you are my shelter, You are my healer in you presence I have freedom Every moment, in every season you are my refuge, and my great adventure!