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Fires was inspired by the true story of a Tennessee man who was days away from losing his house. He loved God, was married with children, worked multiple jobs, and his pay just wasn't enough to cover all of their expenses. I became aware of this story the day after I had attended a songwriters round in Nashville earlier this year. The evening of the round, the man accepted a last minute valet shift at the same venue I was at. In a desperate attempt to save his family's home, he wrote a note explaining his circumstance and placed it on the windshield of a well known songwriter performing that night. The note was shared on social media and God's people responded. His family didn't lose their home! I believe without question God had a plan all along. This man's faith was undoubtedly strengthened knowing that His God walked him though an incredibly stressful time. Sometimes God may not save us from our circumstance but His promise says He will be in it with us and see us through.