Find Rest

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I started to write this song in December of 2017. After my daughter hurt her arm one night, I was rocking her to sleep. I went to put her down in her bed and she clung to me and said, “no, I want to hold you.” I reassured her saying, “it’s okay baby, mommy won’t let you go”. As I sat back down I felt the Holy Spirit whisper, “that’s how the Father loves you and longs to comfort you”. As I sat there meditating on what I had just heard, I had this thought, the reason I am able to find rest in the arms of my Father is because I am confident that he won’t ever let me go. Rocking my little girl that night I began to sing this Chorus, “I find rest here in the arms that won’t let go”. I pray that as you listen to this song you are reassured of the deep love that Father God has for you. His arms are open wide waiting for you to take your place and Find Rest! ... Find Rest Tiffany Ordonez (ASCAP 4936009) Creation Date: 12/8/17 Verse 1 When I can’t trace your hand I’ll trust your heart Contant Father that’s just who you are There’s no fear when I look in your eyes So why would I run why would i fight Where I belong Chorus I find rest here in the arms that won’t let go In your peace there is a love that will restore oh my soul In my brokenness you call me beautiful As I rest here in the arm that won’t let go You won’t let go Verse 2 When i’m unfaithful you’re the steady one Calming fear with your unfailing love You lift my head and sing your song to me With you I am held with you i am i’m right Where i belong Bridge You are for me and you hold me Safe in your arms You never leave me oh you keep me Safe in your arms