The Final Say

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We all believes lies sometimes. Last year as I was battling some lies and insecurities, I remember writing down the statement "What YOU speak I will believe". To find victory, I held to this statement and reminded myself daily of the truth of God's word and made time for growth in hearing His voice. This song was born from that process and testimony. In January, I presented it to a panel of Bethel Music Artists at Bethel Songwriting Retreat in Redding, CA, and received some great feedback and suggestions to make it better. This is the reimagined version. Here are the lyrics- THE FINAL SAY - Written by Jeremy DeFrees Verse 1 Once a slave, now freedom reigns Chains are broken, by the Word You’ve spoken Liberty is Christ in me Chains are broken, by the Word You’ve spoken Chorus Who You are will never change, Your promises all still remain What You speak I will believe, Your promise is still alive for me When I hear your whisper call, I will watch the giants fall What You speak I will believe, oh whoa oh Bridge 1 No word is higher than Yours, No promise better than Yours No power greater than Yours, You have the final say Bridge 2 Yours is the kingdom, the power and glory, forever and ever, Amen