The Cross Forever Stands

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VERSE 1 It was Your Love that set us free indeed How Your blood washes over me All the shame You bore The price You paid In my sin You died for me  CHORUS 1 Oh praise The King Who is to come  Praise The God from heaven above  At Calvary Your love displayed  VERSE 2  It was His love That held my Savior there The Son of God upon the cross The final breath He breathed Was my victory O come rejoice For our King is here CHORUS 2 Oh praise The Lamb who was slain He is risen from the grave  Come and drink the cup of life  VERSE 3 Come take His bread His body broken for you  Come and kneel at the foot of The Cross The Cross forever stands in victory  We will not forget Your sacrifice  CHORUS 4 Oh Sing His Name The Savior King  Crucified to set us free Celebrate The Risen King I wrote this song for my church on Easter Sunday. Remembering the death of our Savior just brought me in awe and tears. I picked up my guitar and started strumming chords. I knew I wanted it to have a “hymn-like” sound. So as I started writing I decided to name it “The Cross Forever Stands” because no matter how guilty, discouraged, or faithless I may feel, He has already won. He has the final victory.