Born Again

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Hi Cantinas! My name is Noah Burger, and I'm from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My song, "Born Again," is a proclamation of the good news of the Gospel that the God of the universe loved us so much that He met us where we were - in the miry clay of our sin - and called us to be born again by the power of Jesus' work on the cross. It's because of this that anyone can celebrate the joy, liberty, and new life that comes from being born again. Thanks for watching, I hope you all enjoy the song, and God bless! Lyrics: (V1) Brothers and sisters, everywhere and everyone / Gather 'round and see what God has done / Oh, the Maker of Heaven met me in the miry clay / He picked me up, He called me by name / He said, "Child. . . " // (C1) Come down to the river, come be washed by My blood / Let your sins be forgiven, watch your chains be undone / Come be filled by My Spirit; forever, you'll be changed / Oh, won't you come be born again? // (V2) Now, salvation's in my heart as revival floods my veins / I've got a love and joy and peace I can't explain / Oh, it's sweeter than life and stronger than death / It's the victory of the cross in every breath // (C2) 'cause I've been down to the river, I've been washed by the blood / All my sins are forgiven and my chains are undone / I've been filled by the Spirit; forever, I've been changed / 'cause I've been born again // (B) Daughters and sons, every tribe, every tongue / Everybody come on and join the song / Of the redeemed, let us leave who we were at the Jordan shore / And come up reborn / And we will sing with one accord: // (C3) We've been down to the river, We've been washed by the blood / All our sins are forgiven and our chains are undone / We've been filled by the Spirit; forever, We've been changed / Oh, we've been born again //