Cantinas Worship Song Contest 2016 Top Twelve

Greetings Rising Artists!

We’ve been so overwhelmingly excited about every single submission. It takes so much courage to put yourself out there for helping experiences and opportunities for growth. Please give yourselves a pat on the back and a standing ovation. You all deserve it.
Our panel of Christian artists, worship songwriters, and CCM industry professionals have narrowed it down to our top 12 finalists. Which you will see below. Feel free to watch these top 12. What our panel is looking for are well written and performed songs that have high lyrical value, as well as practicable sing-ability. A song that can easily be translated to commercially recorded and congregational church music.
If you did not make the top 12 this year, please do not take this personally. We at Cantinas believe that artistic expression is a gift. We ask that you trust that all of your gift of songs were prayerfully accepted with open hearts, minds, and ears.
We are honestly floored by your vulnerability and willingness to share your gifts. We encourage you to continue to work out your songwriting muscles and continue to participate in the Cantinas Arts Foundation Rising Artist Worship Song Contest.
We will be announcing the winners at 12:00pm (PST) Sept. 21th, 2018. Stay tuned to see who won! God bless you all and may God bring you constant inspiration and new revelations of His songs.

-The Cantinas Team

We Are Your Children
Mo Dinma
Jordan St Cyr
Heaven & Earth
Laura Castillo
You Said
Jason D
Prodigal Son
Carrington Gaines
In Surrender
"Until the Day"
Laurel Taunton
"Heaven Coming Down"
Katie Wise
Take A Walk
Ben Kosharek
This Side of The Promise
Rmani Crawford
Where Can I Go